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Fabi Fun Pack
A great gift pack when wanting to order a variety of flavors. This is a baker's choice of 6 cupcakes..
Based on 1 reviews.
Aidan’s Applecake
Apple spice cake,  cinnamon apple filling, vanilla frosting This one is for my spunky nephew..
Chocolate cake, tahini chocolate filling, chocolate frosting with a drizzle of tahini This one is..
Banana Slug
Chocolate cake baked with banana puree and chocolate chips, chocolate frosting It's my alma ..
Bevvie Blueberry
Myer lemon cake baked with whole blueberries, lemon frosting This one is for my awesome mom who l..
Billy Deelight
Chocolate cake, raspberry filling, chocolate frosting I had to throw one in for my bro! He loves ..
Vanilla cake, thick caramel filling, vanilla frosting The fabulous Chilean baker who inspired me ..
Carma Carrot
Carrot cake w/ or w/out walnuts, raisins, cream cheese frosting That's just what we believe in ar..
Choco Rola
Chocolate cake, thick caramel filling, chocolate or frosting My Chilean friend who loves her..
Chocolate cake baked with chocolate chips, chocolate mousse filling, chocolate frosting A tribute..
Chocolate coffee Kahlúa cake, chocolate coffee Kahlúa mousse, Kahlúa frosting Nothing better than..
Kiki’s Coconut
Coconut cake baked w/ or w/out chocolate chips, coconut frosting My large and in charge friend wh..
Vanilla cake baked with fresh strawberries, vanilla frosting My best friend who loves strawb..
Lemon poppyseed cake, lemon curd filling, lemon frosting This one is for my pops! He allowed me t..
Melissa’s Magic Mocha
Chocolate cake, mocha mousse filling, mocha frosting She encouraged me to take a risk and believe..
Chocolate cake, peanut butter filling, chocolate frosting (customer favorite) My spicey Portugues..
Chocolate cake, vanilla filling, vanilla frosting This one is all dressed up! ..
Plain Paula
Vanilla cake, vanilla filling, vanilla frosting My hysterical friend who likes everything plain. ..
Pumpin' Pumpkin
Pumpkin cake with or without chocolate chips cream cheese or vanilla frosting (seasonal, Sept-Jan) ..
Ray’s Razz
Vanilla cake, raspberry filling, vanilla frosting My cool, eccentric uncle who believes I can do ..
Lemon cake, raspberry filling, lemon frosting Creative name to bring this pair together. ..
Reeco Red
Red velvet cake, chocolate ganache filling, cream cheese or vanilla frosting An American fav..
SC Strawberry
Vanilla cake, strawberry filling, vanilla frosting (top seller!) My favorite place where the natu..
Sprechen Sie German Chocolate?
Chocolate cake, chocolate ganache filling, coconut pecan topping Do you? ..
TC's Worthit!
Vanilla cake, chocolate mousse filling, chocolate frosting A super cool woman who helped shape th..

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